What’s included in the claim fee?

Deliverback is authorised to represent you with your search

Deliverback will contact the local authorities by email or phone in search of your lost item. 

As soon as you file a claim, we almost instantly notify the lost & found desk of the airport authorities (police station) with your enquiry and initiate a search on your behalf. Each search results in a large thread of messages that Deliverback will coordinate among all involved parties (i.e. Traveller, Police, Courier, airline & airline handler)

We understand the processes of the airport police lost & found department and we run the search process faster. As native speakers we can communicate with a larger range of persons that can be helpful in the process.

If its not clear which item is yours - since the volume of lost items is huge - we will assist with the verification process by coordinating the communication between the parties involved.

We don't guarantee that your misplaced item will be found. 

We do guarantee that we'll thoroughly search for it.