What is the cost of using Deliverback?

Deliverback has two types of fees:

1. Claim fee - to search for your lost item
2. Shipping fee - to send your found item back to you


1. Claim fee: This is a flat fee of aprx. €15, by which you authorise Deliverback to search on your behalf and contact the airport authorities (police lost & found, airline handlers, other lost & found desks). Deliverback will contact the appropriate person, depending on the information received on the last know location of your lost item.

Deliverback operates as your local representative, with all the local knowledge and expertise to search on your behalf.

We don't guarantee we will find your item. We guarantee we'll try our best to find it.

2. Shipping fees: Once an item has been found, Deliverback can assist with shipping this item to your current address. We operate with some of the worlds best courier companies and have negotiated special discounts to offer our customers deeply discounted shipping rates.

In addition, we help with the packaging of the items to be shipped.