I Lost an item on plane. What should I do?

If you lost something inside a plane or aircraft please follow the next steps

Hello! If you lost an item on plane the first thing you need to do is create a claim request. A claim request is the process to help Deliverback identify if your lost item was found. Our team will reach out to the airline companies as well as the handling companies (companies that typically collaborate with the airline companies and clean up the aircrafts on every landing) in order to check whether your lost item was registered and found.

Once our team confirms the your lost item was found and has a unique identification number, we will send you an email in order to complete the payment for your shipment and get back your lost item.

Below you can find all the steps involved in order to get back a lost item on a plane:

1) Start with a registration of your claim. Please describe what kind of item you lost, where, when and provide your contact details. Start here: https://claims.deliverback.com/


2) Once your claim is registered you will receive an automated email with a unique claim number. The claim number is your unique number that you can communicate with us about your case. 


3) Once you get a unique claim number, our team will reach out to the handling companies. Depending on your airline company, we will reach out to a different handling company in order to verify if your lost item was found


4) The handling company will reply back to as either asking additional information about your lost item or if they manage to verify your item they will provide the unique identification number for the item


5) Once Deliverback gets a unique identification number, we will notify you so that you can move forward with the shipment of your lost item. If you want to check the cost of the shipment you can visit the following page: https://orders.deliverback.com/


6) Once you complete the payment of the shipment, then our team will create all the required shipping labels (documents that should be created in order to assign a courier company and pick up your found item). In cases where the courier company can't directly pick up from an airport, Deliverback collaborates with local partners (typically local courier providers) that will pick up your item and will then forward your item to an international courier such us DHL and UPS. In most of the cases they will also be responsible for the packaging of your lost item to ensure that your item can be securely send back to you!