How Deliverback works?

Deliverback is a technology company that specialises in shipping lost & found items

Deliverback is a cloud service that helps airports, hotels and other travel related companies, coordinate the shipping of lost & found items, back to their guests. We coordinate and automate all activities between the airport (or the hotel), the traveller and the courier. Deliverback makes super easy to everyone involved in the process and thereby significantly improves the guest experience.

Deliverback is NOT a courier company. We do not come in contact with the packages shipped. We work with the the most respected courier companies in the world to make sure the shipping process runs smoothly and effectively.

Deliverback offers two basic services:

1. Search for a lost item (Claim Request) 

For a small fee of €15 our team will search for your lost item and will represent you in communicating with the airport authorities (i.e. Police lost & found etc). You can complete a claim request here:

2. Shipping of a lost item 

Once an item has been found, we can help with the shipping process back to your home address. You can view our shipping calculator by visiting our website: