What happens if my item is found?

The reason we search, is to find. Once something has been found, we arrange to get it back to you.

So the first step in the process is to search for your misplaced item. If everything goes well, we will find it. 

1. Once an item has been found, we are given an item registration number (or item ID) by the police or the airport authorities. This number identifies your item - and is important to complete the pickup.

2. To pickup an item from the airport, on behalf of a traveller, Deliverback needs to be authorised to do so. We make the authorisation process very easy, by sending all the relevant emails to everyone involved, and minimum effort is required by the traveller. 

3. In order to proceed with the pickup, Deliverback also needs a shipping order, so we know where to sent the item. So the next step in the process is to visit our website and create a shipping order. It sounds complicated but its really super simple. Just visit https://deliverback.com/ and enter your information with your address details. The system will calculate the shipping cost and you can pay online.  Our system will generate shipping labels for most countries in the world and is very simple to use. 

4. Don't forget you can always arrange to pickup the item yourself, if you are able to visit the airport in person and avoid the entire shipping process.